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Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have the smile you've always wanted – straighter, whiter, shapelier, fuller!

Preventive Dentistry

We are dedicated to helping your family achieve optimal dental health with regular hygiene cleanings at Willows Dental Group.

Restorative Dentistry

With advanced technology and experienced staff, we can repair or rebuild your smile.


Do you want straighter teeth but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces? Luckily there’s a new solution available—clear braces from Invisalign.

Dental Services in North Andover

Preventive Dentistry

Our practice offers comprehensive oral exams and regular cleanings so our team of dental professionals can maintain your dental health, and prevent dental problems before they even start. Our team can provide you and your family with the following preventive care services.

Although dental sealants are most often recommended for children, they can be very useful for adults who are prone to cavities. What goes on as a plastic liquid dries to become a solid barrier between teeth and the bacteria and acid that cause tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments are another weapon in the daily battle against tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride is a mineral found in nature. Lucky for our smiles, this mineral has been shown to strengthen tooth enamel. We apply fluoride as a varnish, gel or foam to your teeth for just a couple of minutes and then rinse off the solution. This treatment serves to enhance your daily use of fluoride toothpaste when you brush.


You don’t have to be born with great teeth to have a beautiful smile. Our team has the extensive skills, training and experience to enhance the appearance of your smile with the following aesthetic dentistry services.

With porcelain veneers, our experienced dentists can conceal a variety of smile imperfections, such as chipped or broken teeth, permanently discolored teeth, slightly crooked teeth, misshaped teeth and even gaps between teeth. Made of strong dental porcelain that has the look and sheen of natural teeth, veneers are a long lasting cosmetic treatment.

For a smile that is more seriously misaligned, we are certified providers of Invisalign, the modern alternative to traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses clear, BPA-free plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. Not only are these braces practically invisible, they are also removable. So, when mealtime comes around, just remove the Invisalign aligners and eat what you enjoy. The same holds true when you need to brush and floss your teeth. With Invisalign, your teeth and gums will benefit from the same healthy oral hygiene you routine your carry out now.


Restoring teeth damaged by trauma, decay or disease to their ideal shape and function is one of the most important procedures our team can perform for you and your family. We offer a variety of restorative services to exceed your smile goals.

Dental implants replace both the root and crown of a missing tooth. As such, they are probably the most lifelike tooth replacement you can choose. The implant is firmly set in your jawbone. As you heal from this minor oral surgery, the biocompatible implant integrates with the bone to form a secure foundation for a tooth restoration, whether that restoration is a crown or a partial or full denture.

For more restorative dentistry, North Andover relies on our team at Willows Dental Group.