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Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have the smile you've always wanted – straighter, whiter, shapelier, fuller!

Preventive Dentistry

We are dedicated to helping your family achieve optimal dental health with regular hygiene cleanings from Dr. Schrader at Willows Dental Group.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

With the power of CEREC, busy patients can receive the permanent, high-quality restorations they need in record time.


Do you want straighter teeth but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces? Luckily there’s a new solution available—clear braces from Invisalign.

Willows Dental Group Blog

Dentist in North Andover Combines Art and Skill

January 27, 2017

Creating your best smile requires both skill and artistry. Dr. John Schrader, dentist in North Andover, makes over smiles with great cosmetic services.

What’s one practical way to increase self-confidence? Try improving the appearance of your smile. Your Dentist in North Andover, Dr. John Schrader, boosts how people view themselves by changing how others see their smiles. Incorporated into an individualized treatment plan, cosmetic dental services from Willows Dental Group remake teeth and gums so patients can’t help but smile broadly and feel really good about themselves.


Benefit from Dental Implants in North Andover

December 13, 2016

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Regain your smile with dental implants in North Andover.Are you suffering from tooth loss? If so, you probably have low self-esteem and simple tasks, like eating and speaking, are more difficult. Now, you can restore your confidence and regain healthy oral functions with dental implants in North Andover. Dental implants not only restore oral health, but offer several cosmetic benefits. As a lifelong solution that is permanent, you will never have to worry about having the implants replaced or dealing with messy adhesives. At Willows Dental Group, Dr. Schrader offers dental implants to enhance your appearance and quality of life.

What is CEREC in North Andover?

November 6, 2016

CEREC restorations in North Andover take just an hour at Willows Dental Group. Get a beautiful full or partial crown without impressions or long wait times.

Dr. John Schrader of Willows Dental Group in North Andover delivers beautiful porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays (partial crowns) in an hour or so. His CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) machine designs and mills customized restorations while the patient waits. It’s a real step up in making restorative dentistry convenient.


Bring the Whole Family to Your Dentist in North Andover

October 26, 2016

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Is it time for your family to get a check-up with your dentist in North Andover?It’s amazing what a quick trip to Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream can do for your family’s mood. In the middle of the work and school week, everyone needs a little pick-me up. It helps give them something to look forward to while most other people are simply counting down the days till the weekend. You look at your family as they dig into the variety of cones and sundaes, and you start thinking about what all of this sugar could be doing to their teeth. When was the last time they went in for a check-up? Dr. John Schrader, your dentist in North Andover, wants you to know why it’s so important for your family to regularly see the dentist. (more…)

Cosmetic Dentist in North Andover Improves Your Smile

September 12, 2016

Chips, stains, and gaps are gone with aesthetic dentistry from North Andover cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Schrader. Read about the treatments he offers.

Are you dissatisfied with the shape of your smile, tooth color, tooth alignment or defects such as chips and hairline cracks? Your cosmetic dentist in North Andover possesses the skills and practiced artistic eye to change your smile appearance just a bit or to put finishing touches on a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. John Schrader of Willows Dental Group offers a varied menu of treatments to help you arrive at that perfect look so you feel confident and make that all-important first impression a really great one.


North Andover Dentist Dr. Schrader Cares for You and Your Mouth

August 18, 2016

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See North Andover dentist Dr. Schrader to ensure the health of your teeth, gums and body.The human body is truly a marvel. It is an interconnected whole made up of so many intricate parts. That interconnectedness is perfectly demonstrated by a phenomenon known as the oral-systemic connection. Mom may have told you “you are what you eat.” Now, North Andover dentist Dr. John Schrader is here to tell you that before you even take a single bite, the condition of your mouth can dramatically impact the overall health of your body. That’s why Dr. Schrader and his staff at Willows Dental Group want to see you for regular dental checkups—so we can help you have a healthy mouth and a healthy body, too.


Tips for finding a family dentist in North Andover

August 8, 2016

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North Andover Family DentistHealthy, attractive smiles benefit every member of the family. If you are looking for the best family dentist in the North Andover area, here are tips to match you with the right dental team. Do your research, and we’re sure you’ll choose Dr. John A. Schrader at Willows Dental Group as your family dentist in North Andover.